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Companies, partnerships and organisations may enter multiple categories.

It’s completely free to nominate your company or organisation, and you can enter as many categories as are relevant. The ACE Award is given to the Judges’ choice of the overall Winner of Winners on the night. 

See this year’s categories and past winners below.

Companies, partnerships and organisations may enter multiple categories.
Please see our Top Tips on writing a winning nomination.

Bear in mind that our judges are guided to assess nominations on these lines:

  • Clear evidence of business/organisation excellence in the period 50%
  • Clear evidence of long-term excellence 15%
  • Civic/ESG/values 15%
  • Quality of Nomination 15%
  • Testimonials 5%

ACE Award

About the category: The ACE Award is given to the most outstanding category Winner on the night as chosen by our Judges.

Previous Winners
2020: The egg
2019: Penny Hay

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About the category: If your agency is getting great results for your clients, we want to hear from you.

Previous Winners

2022: Clearly
2020: Bind Media
2019: Edit


About the category: Invented a super creative, addictive or life-changing app? This category is for you!

Previous Winners

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Architect & Build

Open to anyone who dreams, designs or builds in and around bath, this category shines a light on those companies adding to Bath’s beautiful buildings and property landscape. Tell us what you’ve been creating!

Previous Winners
2020: Hewitt Studios
2019: DKA



From crafts, exhibitions, music, paintings, dance and galleries, tell us what makes your works of art stand out from the rest.

Previous Winners


Creative Arts Organisation

Does your organisation do great things to promote and support creative arts in Bath? Whether venue, arts promoter or marketer, please nominate.

Previous Winners

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Creative Bath Student

Done something to make you proud? If you’re over 16 and in full-time education or graduated this year, Nominate yourself!

Previous Winners

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Creativity for Good

Does your creative project make Bath a better place? Are you using technology to improve people’s lives, or perhaps your creative talents benefit charities and social enterprise? Tell us all about how your company uses creativity for good.

Previous Winners

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Creative Space

Do you or your organisation provide a space for people to be creative? Whether you’re a gallery, a space for performance or somewhere creatives can gather and network, if creative things happen where you are, we want your nomination!

Previous Winners

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Designers, we want you! Any form of stunning design – graphics, product, interiors, digital, physical: anything that is engaging, distinctive and potentially award-winning…

Previous Winners
2021: Frahm

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Do you create the most stunning websites, animations, graphics and virtual content for your company or a client? Tell us all about it…

Previous Winners


Film, TV and Video

Produced a film that will blow our Judges away? Whether yours or for a client, make sure you show and tell us all.

Previous Winners


Founder / Entrepreneur

Have you founded a company or project? Are you an entrepreneur creating amazing things? Young or old, established or still experimenting, tell us about your talents and you could win a Creative Bath Award.

Previous Winners

2022: Grace Farrimond, Young Blooms
2021: Cassia
2020: David Kelly, Storm Consultancy
2019: Nathan Baranowski, OJO Solutions

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Open to all technology companies and innovators. What’s the single most stand out piece of innovation – either a fully-formed product or an aspect..?

Previous Winners

2021: Celestial

Inspirational Person

Has someone inspired you to be great? Or helped you on your creative career path? Whether teacher, mentor, trainer or peer, they deserve your recognition. Nominate them today!

This award is inspired by the late Sue East, much-loved headteacher of St Andrew’s Church School and a creative and transformational head teacher, courageously committed to the laws of possibility, inclusivity and the ceaseless joy of lifelong learning.

Previous Winners

2022: Jason Thornton, Bath Philharmonia
2020: Richard Godfrey, Rocketmakers
2019: Penny Hay, 5x5x5=creativity

Marketing Campaign

We want to hear about unique, effective and creative campaigns that have delivered results. Could yours be a winner?

Previous Winners

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Performance: Dance, Music & Theatre

Have you created or taken part in a special live performance? Music, acting, dance or other, let us know!

Previous Winners



We’re looking for the most talented creative photographer in Bath. Are your skills award winningly good?

Previous Winners


Publisher & Writer

Think you’re Bath’s best publisher? Tell us why! This category is for publishers and content producers of websites, books and magazines.

Previous Winners



New on the scene in Bath? Welcome! Tell us about your successes in year one and you could have the massive benefit of having a Creative Bath Award under your belt!

This category is open to new business or organisations that began no earlier than July 2021.

Previous Winners

2021: Celestial

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Young Creative

Aged 25 and under and doing great creative work, either freelance or within a company? Let us know!

Previous Winners

2022: Ben Long, Rocketmakers
2020: Alice McNeil, Rocketmakers
2019: Odette Smaldon, Design by Odette

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