Winner of the Creative Bath Awards design competition!

First place: Adam Meyrick, winner for the second year running!

To create each Award by using sound waves from a place or event in Bath that relates to the category of the Award. This sound wave design can be created using 3D printing for the Award cast. The cast is then filled with a component that sets, allowing the cast to then be removed.

The idea was to marry up sight, touch and sound in a unique way. Each Award will tell its own story –a QR code will be printed on the base that will take the winner to the Creative Bath Awards website the morning after the Awards, explaining the sound that formed the design, and what it represents. All of the category Awards will be the ‘Creative Bath blue’, with the ACE Winner of Winners Award being white. We are currently playing with materials to create the most visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing finishes.

Runner up: Oliver Langford


To celebrate one of Bath’s most famous architectural buildings  – The Royal Crescent, using its iconic curves and pillars in the design to create an elegant and tactile award. Oliver wanted to use local materials to reflect the famous Bath stone, London Plane/Lace Wood and blue Jesmonite strip which would join the wood and Bath stone together, mirroring how Creative Bath brings creativity and design together in one place. Combining the elegant shaping of the award with the three materials brought together a sense of a portable place, with each winner of the award being able to take a “piece of Bath” away with them.

Runner up: Joseph Constable

The inspiration for the Award design was taken from a Bath stone found outside the Roman Baths. A mould or 3D copy of the ashlar stone found on the curved cladding on the exterior of the Roman Baths would be used. It’s interesting nobbly design is not what people normally associate with Bath stone but it is recognisable for locals and very tactile. The idea is that the Awards would celebrate Bath’s rih history, and allow winners take a piece of this home with them. All of the category Awards would be created in the colour commonly associated with Bath stone, with the ACE Winner of Winners Award being coloured in the ‘Creative Bath blue’.

All of our brilliant finalists were students from Bath Spa University’s School of Art & Design.

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