Top Tips

On winning a Creative Bath Award
  1. Take time on your Nomination – Please don’t sell your company short by leaving it to the last day. There will have been ample time between the Nominations opening and the closing date to marshal your most effective case. Use that lead-in time to gather your thoughts and position your company’s success in the past year persuasively. What truly marks out the last 12 months for you? What have you done or achieved that is so much better than you’d expected, or had done last year, or is better than your competitors?
  2. Give measures of success – Saying “We’ve had a great year” really isn’t enough. Everyone says that. The Judges will want to know more precisely what has been great. For example, are sales up? Have you taken on more people? Or entered a new business area, launched a new product or opened up another outlet? Or increased marketing successfully? Or acquired a company? Or won an award? Or been more creative than ever before? Anything which makes it clear that your success is based on something tangible.
  3. Awards are open to all – The Awards can be won by anyone: first timers, previous winners, large companies, students, freelancers or charities. If you’re in the area and have had a strong performance in one of our categories, then you can win.
  4. Make sure you qualify – Winners need to be based in the Bath area. There’s not a precise geographical definition (no tape measures here!). But if you’re close enough and much of your business or offering is here, then you’ll be in. If in doubt – ask us! You can enter any category into which you feel your offering fits. So you might be both a Startup and an Architect. Or you could be suited to Creativity For Good and the App category. You decide: it’s free!
  5. Avoid empty claims – Saying, “We’re the best in Bath” lacks context. So say why you’re the best. What marks you out? What are the key strengths of your company? How has your creativity made an impact?
  6. Make sure your website or portfolio is in order – The Judges will look carefully at your Nomination, of course. But we encourage them to visit the Finalists websites, too. So make sure yours is in good shape. If your Nomination relies on video or sound, make it easy to find online. Similarly, broken links or typos or fuzzy pics or anything which you know isn’t good enough could well undermine your pitch. Polish it up! There’s time.
  7. If you’re using social media, then be active! – Imagine a pitch which says, “We’ve successfully used social media to build our customer base” – and then the reality that you’ve tweeted only twice since the summer! Again, Judges will be looking at what you’ve been up to lately, including online.
  8. Testimonials are great! – It’s one thing for you to say you’re great. But it’s often more persuasive if customers/clients/loyal fans say that. Give examples. The more specific the better. And please make sure all testimonials are from the last year.
  9. Put yourself in the shoes of the Judges – The Awards are decided by our independent Judges. They’ll look at your Nomination, visit your website and look at social media. And then they – and they alone – will decide on their Winners. The Judges will be faced with a number of Finalists in each category. Imagine what it’d be like wading through a big pack of info! Make it easy for them. Write clearly with key points. Please don’t let it be a bit of a ramble about your life! Try to create some empathy with those judging you. Emotion is fine. If it really would mean the world to you to win this Award – steady! – then say so.
  10. Use social media to build support for your bid – If you know you’ll be entering for the Awards, then stick it out there, making sure you tag @CreativeBath. You’re likely to gain some comments you can use in your Nomination. But please do not lobby the Judges, either on social media or elsewhere: it’ll be counter-productive.
  11. Enjoy the Nomination process! – This is one of the very few opportunities in life to tell people about just how and why your business or organisation is exceptional. We all work so hard, all believe so hard in what we do. So enjoy the chance to assemble your arguments and to say EXACTLY why you are great!
  12. Keep 21 July clear! – Just imagine how great it would feel to win a Creative Bath Award…